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For Immediate Release

Portland – On Thursday, December 02, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. Greater Portland Landmarks will welcome
members of the Portland Marine Society to the Portland Observatory for the presentation of
historic document copies from the Society’s collection.
Captain Lemuel Moody, builder of the Portland Observatory, was one of the founding members
of the Portland Marine Society in 1796. The original purpose of the Society was two-fold: to
promote the knowledge of navigation and seamanship, and to provide “the relief of decayed and
disabled seamen, and the poor widows and orphans of deceased seamen.”
Two hundred and twenty-five years later the Portland Marine Society is still a philanthropic
organization that continues to promote seamanship with generous scholarships to the Maritime
Academies and a focus on keeping alive the rich history of the maritime profession.
On Thursday members of the Society, will present a copy of a “flag” board, and a copy of the
original charter of the Portland Marine Society to be displayed at the Portland Observatory.

Alessa Wylie
Manager of Education Programs
Greater Portland Landmarks