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Eng. Scott Keller

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Memories and photos

Attended Maine Maritime Academy 1970-1974. Sailed in all engineering rates and capacities on various vessels all over the world. Retired in 2014. Here are a few remembrances of the ships sailed over the years.

S/S Constitution cruise ship, Hawaiian Cruises, American Export lines
built 1950, sank under tow to scrapping 1977

I only knew a few engineers that sailed on her, and sister ship Independence while cruising the Islands.

Here docked at Pier 10 in Honolulu 1992

Steam crude oil super tanker S/T Admiralty Bay, Trinidad Corp.
80,000 DWT, 24,000 HP
built 1971,scrapped 1993
I sailed on her as 3rd,2nd engr. 1984-1993,here on single point mooring discharging crude oil at Barbers point Honolulu,HI,1992

15400410 Admiralty Bay in winter storm of 1989 from Valdez,AK. to Honolulu,HI
40ft. seas, 50KT winds off Stbd bow. North Pacific.

Steam tanker Sabine Neches,Sabine Transportation Co.
35,000 DWT,15,000 HP
built 1958,scrapped??

I sailed 3rd and 2nd engr. on her 1994
Here in Jacksonville,Fl. docked discharging refined cargoes,1994
Steam tanker Mobil Gas, Mobil Oil Corp.
28,600 DWT,13,750 HP
built 1956,scrapped 1984

I sailed on her as 3rd and 2nd engr 1979-1981
Here in dry dock in a US ship yard. date and location?
Steam tanker Mobil Lube, Mobil Oil Corp.
31,000 DWT,15,000 HP
built 1958,scrapped 1983

I sailed on her as 3rd and 2nd engr 1979-1982
Here at dock discharging refined cargoes. US port
date and location?
Steam tanker Socony Vacuum, Mobil Oil Corp.
28,600 DWT,13,750 HP
built 1954, scrapped 1985

I sailed on her as 3rd and 2nd engr 1980-1982
date and location?,US port docked doing cargo.
Steam tanker Mobil Aero, Mobil OilCorp.
1e4284550 out bound Sabine river,Sabine TX. 1982 loaded with refined cargoes headed to east coast.
31,900 DWT,17,600 HP
built 1959,scrapped 1985

I sailed on her as 3rd and 2nd engr 1979-1983
date and location at anchor? US port
Steam tanker Cities Service Miami. Cities Service Oil  Renamed St. Emilion, with Crest tankers
32,700 DWT, 20,200 HP
built 1956, scrapped 1982
Here passing though the $1,000,000 million dollar bridge connecting South Portland to Portland, Maine in  winter of 1959 loaded with refined cargoes.

It was the widest vessel to pass through the bridge and 1st oil tanker to dock at the Marine Terminal in South Portland at the time.

I sailed on the sister ship, Norfolk as a eng. cadet in summer of 1972 while attending Maine Maritime Academy.